SilverBack is committed to a sound, responsible and compliant construction market in all countries in which we operate. We support the steps being taken in Sweden to overhaul their ID card for the construction industry to make it more secure and relevant.

On 21st January 2020, the old system will be switched-off and only the new ID06 2.0 cards will be accepted within the industry. The advanced technology used within the card, combined with the links to government-issued ID verification as well as the tax and social insurance systems will drive compliance within the sector. This is excellent news for SilverBack and compliant companies like us, setting the bar higher to keep out unfair competition in the market.

Like with any major technological initiative there have been challenges and teething issues. Identity verification of non-Swedish nationals, particularly from a number of EU countries, has been especially complex for the system to implement but through collaborating and communicating well with ID06 and the card manufacturers we have succeeded in reaching the deadline.

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January 17, 2020