Florian and Angelo Tudor have brought their passion for cars to a whole new level. The Romanian father and son team will enthusiastically tell you about Formula 1 or long-distance road trips but their working lives have a great story, and a car twist too.

Florian and Angelo in the early days

Florian and Angelo have almost a combined 10 years working for SilverBack as Operational Manager (Romania) and Electrician respectively. However, their roles have closely overlapped at the massive Northvolt gigafactory project in Skellefteå and allowed them to contribute to the biggest car story of our generation – the shift from combustion engines to battery powered electric vehicles.

Florian and Angelo on site

Florian was one of the first electricians on the Northvolt site with SilverBack back in 2019. Then, in 2021, Angelo joined the SilverBack team and has been a key part of the operation ever since. The family trade tradition and a shared fascination with cars would appear to have plenty mileage left in the tank. Indeed, Angelo’s move from the passenger seat to the driving seat gives both father and son the opportunity to play their part in steering the EV car and battery revolution in the years ahead.

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September 5, 2023