Our Story

Established in 2012, SilverBack is based in Dublin, Ireland. As our business has evolved, SilverBack’s focus is on supporting mission-critical and other time sensitive projects throughout Europe. SilverBack’s managed teams of electrical, mechanical and construction workers, either working under our client’s control or independently have made a very positive impact for our clients.

From the beginning SilverBack has worked continuously throughout Norway, Sweden and Denmark and has built a substantial track record throughout the Nordics. In recent years, SilverBack has broadened our geographic reach and now has structures that allow us to operate throughout most of Northern and Central Europe.

SilverBack has subsidiary companies and offices in the UK, Poland, Denmark and Romania. Through our project support, flexibility and responsiveness, SilverBack has grown to become a valued resource supplier to many of the largest electrical, mechanical and construction contractors currently building mission-critical projects.