Since the launch of SilverBack in 2012 the rest of the decade has gone by in something of a blur.

Since our earliest projects in Norway and Sweden, SilverBack has gone on to establish and perform work in Denmark, Poland, Netherlands, the UK and of course Ireland. The profile of our workforce has changed dramatically: from an almost entirely Irish crew up to 2016 to a now much more diverseprofile – mainly due to the recovery of the Irish construction market. We now have fantastic colleagues from Poland, the UK, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Belgium and throughout the EU working alongside our Irish teams. This diversity is an incredible strength.

SilverBack has become the leading supplier of electricians and mechanical workers to the Nordic markets – particularly Sweden. We have enabled many of our clients to take projects and grow their business by providing trusted, reliable capacity of resources. SilverBack has become an important part of their business.

SilverBack has reached some important milestones during the last few years. Our first 100+ person project in 2016. Our one millionth manhour safely worked in 2018. Our 150th project successfully completed in 2019.

Now we enter the 2020s with some very exciting contracts in place and we look forward to playing an even bigger role in the success of our clients……Powered by SilverBack.

(Featured image: Dublin from the air, January 2020)

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January 17, 2020