SilverBack has been a leading supplier of skilled workers to the European mission-critical construction sector for the past 8 years. Now more than ever there’s a need for workforces to travel throughout Europe to scale up site teams in order for these projects to be completed.

We’re often posed with the same questions when workers initially look to work abroad, so here’s some of the key questions answered:

What is rotational work?

Rotational work is where you obtain work abroad, you’ll be expected to work in the given country for a number of weeks and you’ll fly home for a break for a number of days before leaving again throughout the contract.

Although rotations can differ from company to company the general rotations are as follows:

3 weeks on – 1 week off
6 weeks on- 2 weeks off
10 days on – 4 days off

Do I have to pay for my travel?

No. As part of you arrangement with us your travel is paid for and will be arranged for you over the course of your contract depending on your rotation, flights to and from home will be organised and paid for by SilverBack.

Will my accommodation be organised for me?

Yes. Your accommodation is looked after, it’ll be a shared accommodation with a private room. The occupants of the accommodation will generally be working on the same site as you.

The exact type of accommodation will depend on the project location but it will be a single room of good standard with transport arrangements put in place to get you to and from site each day.

What are the benefits of working abroad?

Firstly, your rate of pay is generally higher than that off some rates of pay at home due to the fact you’re required to work away from home.

One of the biggest benefits to rotation work is that workers have regular time off at home with their families, you’re effectively working longer hours while away in order to have extended periods at home while you’re not working.

As well as that for someone who’s looking to upskill themselves, the opportunities to do so while working on mission-critical construction projects are endless. You’ll have an opportunity to really strengthen your CV and gain references from some of the leading construction management staff in Europe. You’ll also have the opportunity to travel to new countries and have exposure to new cultures while earning. We’re currently supplying some of the most complex mission-critical projects in Europe where you can expect to gain experiences and skills you might not get the opportunity to do working locally.

Do I need experience of working abroad to apply?

While it’s advantageous you don’t need to have experience in working abroad. The projects we’re currently working are large scale multinational construction sites where you’ll be part of a team that have been working abroad for a number of years and can guide you when needed.

As well as that our experienced teams in our regional offices will brief you before embarking on your first assignment abroad. All you need is the right to work in the relevant European country along with a valid passport, the relevant qualifications and the aspiration to excel in your field of expertise.

Where do I apply?

Contact us today in one of our offices across Europe for more info on our current vacancies or register your interest on our current vacancies page.

We’d be happy to answer any further questions you have and hope to see you working with us soon.

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December 9, 2020