As a leading manpower supplier to some of Europe’s largest contractors, SilverBack has been working and recruiting throughout Europe since 2012.

Before you start any job with SilverBack, you will get clear, written information about the exact project terms and conditions that you will benefit from, so everything will be agreed upon beforehand and there will be no unexpected surprises.

When employed, you will get holiday pay, pension contributions and many other benefits. We supply flights and travel to/from work and arrange good quality accommodation for our employees.

Payroll in Sweden will be monthly, in Denmark fortnightly, and in Ireland weekly – everyone in the same country will be on the same payroll cycle with no exceptions. You will always be paid on time directly to your bank account.

We have several hundred employees working from us at any one time with well over 80% of our employees have worked with us on more than one project and many have worked on four or five.  

What to expect when assigned a position in Sweden.

 1. Contract of employment pack

Once appointed to a consignment abroad, you will be issued a full contract of employment pack. It will be sent by e-mail and can be signed virtually.

Each project has specific training requirements (MEWP, manual handling, working at height, construction safety, SSG, etc.). You will receive e-mails with links to training you need to complete. We ask all employees to apply for an EHIC before travelling to their project assignment to ensure they can access the healthcare they need in case of an accident in Sweden.

A few days before travelling, you will receive an e-mail with all the relevant information about logistics. You will find the accommodation and construction site address, phone numbers of people on site, and flight details.

2. Logistics

We arrange good quality accommodation for our employees, flights to/from your residential country & travel to/from the job site is provided using vans, cars, or public transport.

Designated home airports have been noted via your pre-employment checklist. Flight details are sent to your email as early as possible to allow you to organise your domestic travel in advance.

3. Timesheets

Timesheets must be signed and submitted each week. This will be signed by the client foreman and submitted every week.

4. Rotation schedule

Normal working hours will be between 45 and 54 hours per week, generally over a five-day cycle. Some jobs will have weekend work as well.

Work will be on rotation systems where we fly you home for a week every month or two – again the exact system depends on the project.

 To find out more about our current opportunities please email [email protected].

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April 18, 2023