As we conclude SilverBack’s 11th end-of-year get together, it is important to reflect on the journey thus far. Not many years ago there were only four people at our annual year-end events. This time, we hit the 40 mark and that growth in personnel gives us great pride. Our gathering was in the beautiful city of Warsaw, Poland, where we were joined by colleagues from Ireland, Sweden, France, Romania, Italy, Spain, the UK and our local Lublin office.

As a company with members of our head office based all over Europe, it’s a fantastic opportunity for us all to get together and report on developments made by each department during the year. There were lots of presentations and lots of messages which resonated. However, if there was ONE common thread throughout the presentations it was the ambition to standardise, digitalize and automate.

With the rapid development of workflow technology, there are now multiple resources readily available to people who might view themselves as “passive techies”.  So, this relatively easy integration of new technology into our existing processes should make our clients’ and project staff’s working lives much easier.

Being user-friendly and conscious of how people experience engaging with SilverBack is at the forefront of our minds. It was clear from our review sessions that, as a company, our core values of being intentional, being respectful, being empathetic and being progressive are aligned with this commitment to user-friendly engagement. This must include how we sell, recruit, onboard and communicate with project staff, in addition to how we deal with financial activities.

We are really excited to see where 2024 brings us and we hope to continually improve the way we work. The world is changing in a dramatic way and SilverBack is committed to keeping pace with such change. Furthermore, we expect to be driving that change as a key player in high value technology projects, the decarbonisation of traditional industries and the build-out of those data centres which house all our new work tools in the cloud! Next stop…. 100??


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November 28, 2023



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